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Combining the longstanding studio design expertise of Pro Audio Design and the innovative acoustic panels of JOCAVI, the PAD x JOCAVI partnership promises true craftsmanship in acoustic treatment. Internationally renowned for its innovative approach to crafting high-performance acoustic treatments, JOCAVI uses predictive computer modeling and analysis of each existing space and its building materials to create a listening environment that is not only acoustically impeccable, but artistically inspiring with custom panels and finishes to suit any décor. With over 100 years of combined experience, enjoy the expertise of PAD’s services– a combination of room design, acoustic treatment, speaker placement, and tuning– to facilitate an impeccable experience in the final stages of your PAD x JOCAVI studio design and construction.

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$ 15.00 - $ 18.00
Following an ecological philosophy, JOCAVI™ has designed this product made exclusively of cork from cork oak trees. Its industrial process is 100% natural. The QUADCORK is an anti-vibration insulation and acoustic treatment product with a high degree of thermal insulation as well. The outstanding behaviour of the Expanded Cork Agglomerate,...
$ 629.00 - $ 1,699.00
This wooden diffusion panel is the result of a long design and analysis process and one of JOCAVI™'s options in terms of diffusion panels. The use of this extremely efficient panel is imperative to control primary reflections and other reflections from front walls, thus improving correct sound diffusion in the...
$ 488.00 - $ 1,297.00
Music audition rooms, studios, practice rooms, etc., all need a surface that is efficient at absorbing low frequencies. The WALLTRAP is a product that absorbs low frequencies and is tuned to 160 Hz. It is meant to be mounted on walls and ceilings. This product has been especially designed to...
$ 647.00
The use of solid wood in the construction of acoustic diffusers is a very classic custom in studio design. The use of diffusers is imperative to control primary reflections and other reflections from the flat surfaces, improving correct sound diffusion to the listening position. JOCAVI designed this model with a...
$ 385.00 - $ 1,385.00
The STAIDTREAT WBA is a medium-frequency absorbent panel which is meant to be placed on walls or normal ceilings. This absorbent panel has been developed by combining an adequately shaped high density polyurethane foam box with a filling composed of a material that was exclusively manufactured for this panel in...
$ 425.00
The Staidtreat BXW is a low-frequency absorption panel. It is tuned to 125 Hz and is meant to be placed on walls or normal or T-type ceilings. When tuned to 125 Hz, it works in the first harmonic of the Staidtreat BXA, thus exponentially boosting the absorption of basses when...
$ 480.00
The Tubabsorber and Tubabsorber SY are the most important absorbing elements of medium/low frequencies in our catalog. They were created to take most advantage in areas of high acoustic pressure that is normally generated in the corners of rooms. Due to the way they work each model can be mounted...
$ 499.00 - $ 1,499.00
The Staidtreat BXA is a low-frequency absorption panel. It is tuned to 63 Hz and is meant to be placed in 90° corners. The principle used to develop the Staidtreat BXA is exclusive to JOCAVI™. It combines an HIPS box, which has two appropriately enhanced closed resonance chambers inside, with...
$ 524.00
The RIPPLE was especially designed to have both absorption and diffusion features, balancing these two assets perfectly. It has a great diffusion pattern as well as very interesting and particular absorption characteristics. The RIPPLE is an essential product when you require a magnificent and controlled high-frequency sound, adding at the...
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$ 480.00
The Woodfoil is a slightly concave diffusion panel, made of varnished birch plywood on a soft wood structure. This diffuser is great to be used in concert halls, such as theatres and auditoriums, and is ideal for building acoustic diffusion shells. This model has two options: the Woodfoil diffusion panel,...
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$ 381.00 - $ 913.00
JOCAVI™ has developed the LeakyFM as an additional option within the range of its absorption panels. It is mainly meant for radio and television studios, as well as broadcasting and voice-over rooms and auditoriums. The typical voice-off loudness requires an adequate planning of the room's acoustics in order to provide...
$ 339.00
JOCAVI™'s MELLOWAFFLE has been designed to be suspended in large areas in order to eliminate echoes and reduce the reverberation time. It controls and reduces problems caused by airborne noise. This is the product recommended for large volume rooms: big studios, gymnasiums, pavilions, swimming-pools, factories, warehouses, commercial and industrial buildings,...


The foundation of our design process is based around the science of acoustics and advanced computer modeling to predict the reverb and decay time combined with the frequency response over time. Our philosophy is to remove the unwanted energy or redirect reflections into diffuse fields, or absorption that is targeted for the frequencies that are overly responsive and create even room response. The model will show all the modal behavior and areas that must be treated.

We then create a targeted plan to address the response and create an even and balanced room, using a large range of products which have all been tested and modeled to be able to combine the treatments and see their results. The starting point is to combine the panels, bass traps, diffusers and absorbers, that are based on a predictive model, until the model shows the desired result. The treatments are chosen to match the visual finishes, and based closely on the clients budget. As with most things, the more you can spend the better the performance and nicer the looks can be.

When we complete the project we field test the rooms, and can compare to the predictive model. Over time we have found exceptional results of nearly 97%.

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