JOCAVI CompactFuser - Diffuser Panel

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JOCAVI CompactFuser - Diffuser Panel


JOCAVI CompactFuser - Diffuser Panel

Diffusion acoustic treatment elements are of imperative use in professional audio rooms, namely in control rooms, where the sound has to be perfect across the entire range of the music spectrum. The installation of these acoustic diffusion components aims to project the instruments’ natural sound and maintain some liveliness in the room's acoustics.

JOCAVI’s COMPACTFUSER has been designed at a small scale of the EFFECTFUSER to be used in medium and small rooms dimensions. Its size provides a very homogeneous diffusion pattern in a large band of the sound spectrum, granting an equalized diffusion coefficient on medium/low frequencies, thus making it more balanced when compared with other diffusion shapes and materials.

This piece can be coupled and multiplied in order to suit each room's project. Regarding its scattering properties, docking the modules in vertical or horizontal positions, this model allows two options with two different types of diffusion effects; diffusion by scattering in a wide radius or diffusion by compression in a narrower radius.

COMPACTFUSER may also be used, like any other JOCAVI® diffusion model, in combination with other models of absorption panels, once correctly properly positioned, giving the room the necessary acoustic conditioning.


  • Two diffusion effects; by scattering in a wide radius or by compression in a narrower radius
  • Manufactured with recycled HIPS
  • Average diffusion: 0.60/m2 [>500Hz;<5KHz]
  • Fire-resistance: VO - UL94 standards (similar to M2)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Installation: accessories included

Tech drawings and Dimensions

Product Dimensions

 Model Height Width Depth Weight
CFX015C 60 cm (23 3/5") 60 cm (23 3/5") 15 cm (5 6/7") 5.4 kg
CFX015W 60 cm (23 3/5") 60 cm (23 3/5") 15 cm (5 6/7") 5.4 kg


Absorption Coefficients

Colors and Finishings


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