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Combining the longstanding studio design expertise of Pro Audio Design and the innovative acoustic panels of JOCAVI, the PAD x JOCAVI partnership promises true craftsmanship in acoustic treatment. Internationally renowned for its innovative approach to crafting high-performance acoustic treatments, JOCAVI uses predictive computer modeling and analysis of each existing space and its building materials to create a listening environment that is not only acoustically impeccable, but artistically inspiring with custom panels and finishes to suit any décor. With over 100 years of combined experience, enjoy the expertise of PAD’s services– a combination of room design, acoustic treatment, speaker placement, and tuning– to facilitate an impeccable experience in the final stages of your PAD x JOCAVI studio design and construction.

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$ 502.00
The LOWNOTE C is a low frequency membrane absorbent panel. It is designed to fit into 90° corners, and its available tuning frequencies are 50Hz, 63Hz and 80Hz with a range coverage of absorption approximately 1/3 octave above and below the tuning frequency. It is developed to fine tune the...
$ 425.00
The LOWNOTE W acoustic panel is a broadband low-frequency sound absorber designed to balance the modal distribution on small rooms like studios, music listening rooms, and home-cinemas. The principle used to develop the LOWNOTE W is the Helmholtz Resonator reasoning, through the combination of an coloured engineered coloured wood fibre...
$ 1,370.00
The MELLOWCLOUD DIF is a One Dimensional Curved Shaped Diffuser Acoustic panel for Multipurpose, Auditoriums and Theatre Halls. This is a product was devised to be suspended in ceilings or metal grids; it can be also used as fixed or motorized acoustic shells. This type of acoustic material is mainly...
$ 1,159.00
It is of paramount importance to control the low range of the sound spectrum in any music room. In corners, for example, long waves are usually generated, as well as stationary low frequencies, which are heard as a "boom", thus making them slack, loose and disjointed from the rest of...
$ 2,130.00
Studios' large rooms are adequate to record joint “takes”, with all the band's elements playing at the same time. The WALLBLIND is recommended to physically divide the musicians or the several sound sources between each instrument or amplifier, thus minimizing both the complicity and sound contamination from the several instruments...
$ 1,339.00
The MELLOWCLOUD ABS is a One Dimensional Curved Shaped Absorbent Acoustic panel for the acoustic construction industry. This model has been designed to provide almost infinite possibilities free combinations for ceiling applications. The MELLOWCLOUD ABS is a mid-range frequency absorption acoustic panel, consisting of a rigid EPS body with porous...
$ 28,115.00
The JOCAVI™ KIT BOX 03 has been created for rooms with an area between 17m2 and 30m2 (183ft2 and 323ft2), so small or medium-sized rooms such as home-cinema rooms, home-studios and rehearsal rooms. JOCAVI™ KIT BOX 03 it is composed of STAIDTREAT acoustic modules which consists of three different models...
$ 759.00
The Tubabsorber and Tubabsorber SY are the most important absorbing elements of medium/low frequencies in our catalog. They were created to take most advantage in areas of high acoustic pressure that is normally generated in the corners of rooms. Due to the way they work each model can be mounted...
$ 700.00
JOCAVI® is presenting this design proposal on diffusion products which is not as common. This has been done on the basis of the positive aspects of complex-shaped diffusers and the tasks carried out in the field of diffusion, to the detriment of the usual numerical sequences that are repeated to...
$ 35,675.00
The STAIDTREAT KITBOX 03.SP (with speakers inside), is an innovative modular acoustic treatment method, which combines with high quality performance speakers. The speakers are placed inside the absorbent boxes of the WBA /BXA models. This set of acoustics and public address devices is designed to aesthetically conceal acoustic treatment with...
$ 609.00
The use of diffusor panels is imperative to control primary reflections and other reflections from flat surfaces, thus improving correct sound diffusion in the room. The WOODquad is a two-dimensional quadratic residue sound diffusor created to expand our product line anchored in classical designs. It is designed to provide a...
$ 1,029.00
From many years the Quadratic diffusers became a classic shape in architectural acoustics. JOCAVI revisited and made a new design of the oldest ever project of acoustic diffuser modules. Starting from the same principle of the calculations for Quadratic diffusers, we reviewed it with a new approach and added a...


The foundation of our design process is based around the science of acoustics and advanced computer modeling to predict the reverb and decay time combined with the frequency response over time. Our philosophy is to remove the unwanted energy or redirect reflections into diffuse fields, or absorption that is targeted for the frequencies that are overly responsive and create even room response. The model will show all the modal behavior and areas that must be treated.

We then create a targeted plan to address the response and create an even and balanced room, using a large range of products which have all been tested and modeled to be able to combine the treatments and see their results. The starting point is to combine the panels, bass traps, diffusers and absorbers, that are based on a predictive model, until the model shows the desired result. The treatments are chosen to match the visual finishes, and based closely on the clients budget. As with most things, the more you can spend the better the performance and nicer the looks can be.

When we complete the project we field test the rooms, and can compare to the predictive model. Over time we have found exceptional results of nearly 97%.

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