JOCAVI Squarydiffusor Diffuser Panels

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Size: SQA060 (D: 60x60x7.5cm W:15.4Kg)


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JOCAVI Squarydiffusor Diffuser Panels


JOCAVI Squarydiffusor Diffuser Panels

The SQUARYDIFFUSOR® is a diffusion panel that has a higher balance between diffusion/absorption.

It is a 2D quadratic diffuser with five slightly uneven gradients.

The SQUARYDIFFUSOR® is made of low-density clay paste.

Due to its quadratic shape and the raw material it uses, its diffusion and absorption features are well balanced for a diffusion panel.

The SQUARYDIFFUSOR® enables quite good control of acoustics by fragmenting the reflected energy, while the absorption factor is not too high, therefore quite recommended for installation in small-sized rooms, by making the acoustics of those spaces quite homogeneous.

This product is also available in individual tiles mainly proposed for big diffusion surfaces, with continuous coating SQAT015 it's an ideal product to the construction market.


  • Manufactured with ceramic
  • Average diffusion: 0.57/m2 [>100Hz;<5KHz]
  • Fire-resistance: M0
  • 100% recyclable
  • Installation: mounting accessories included

Models and Sizes

Product Dimensions

 Model Height Width Depth Weight
SQA060 60 cm (23.62") 60 cm (23.62") 7.5 cm (2.95") 15.4 kg (33.96 lbs)
SQA090 90 cm (35.43") 30 cm (11.81") 7.5 cm (2.95") 11.6 kg (25.58 lbs)
SQAT15 15 cm (5.91") 15 cm (5.91") 5.5 cm (2.17") 0.6 kg (1.32 lbs)

Absorption Coefficients


Standard Ceramic Colors


Please give us a call and we can help you with what Panel and Color!

 **Shipping notes**

Squarydiffuser Tile comes in 6 per box.


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