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Building a studio is not just a matter of gear, wiring, acoustic treatment, and furniture. It’s understanding how those elements combine to provide a creative and productive space unique to your needs and goals—one that will inspire your clients and enable you to produce audio beyond the ordinary.


Our story

Pro Audio Design Inc (PAD) is an industry-leading supplier of analogue and digital professional audio equipment. For three decades, PAD has endeavored to provide its customers with the best possible service, products and expertise available.

With Dave Malekpour of Augspurger Monitors fame at the helm, our in-house team combines 100-year experience in the audio industry, enabling us to provide the expertise and tools needed by those taking their first steps in recording, to the world’s most prevalent recording studios, and everyone in between, empowering customers to make their own decisions and to help them get the best possible results.

We combine forces to integrate a complete, all-encompassing system—one that’s uniquely constructed to suit you, your work, the space you’re in, and the clients you serve (or want to attract).

It’s all about connection

In studio design, there are no off-the-rack solutions. Just like a producer approaches making a record with an artist, we’re here to build your studio—not the studio we already know how to build. To PAD, the most important and essential connection we will ever make in a studio build is with you, our client. First we listen. Once we fully understand your creative goals, practical needs, and design aesthetic, then the work begins—building your studio the way you envision it to support the area of the recording industry you’re in, or wish to be. PAD not only listens to you, we also understand what you need to hear. We tailor your room and playback system to speak accurately and authoritatively to the musical genre(s) you’re working in. As Dave Pensado said to PAD’s Dave Malekpour when tuning his room, “What you like in your ear is what makes me mix better.” We’re in it with you for the long haul. PAD prides itself on maintaining ongoing relationships with our clients, providing service beyond the sale. We want you to think of us as your extended family. Let's stay in touch!

Why choose Pro Audio Design

Pro Audio Design has decades of experience creating turnkey projects from the ground up. The PAD Group is responsible for dozens of stellar world-class studios around the world, including Snoop Dogg’s Beach City Music complex, and The Penthouse, NYC

Whether we’re designing complete facilities from scratch, upgrading existing studios, or selling gear, our creative team brings world-class results to all our customers. They don't call PAD "The Systems Company" for nothing!

A free consultation call with one of our team will help steer you toward your goal with practical expertise and advice.  Contact us.

PAD is a Full Experience

New/Used equipment, vintage, acoustics, and studio design. We can help you create your dream studio from design to completion.

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We are the PAD Group

With over 100 years of collective experience, Professional Audio Design comprises a team of highly respected experts in every aspect of studio design and integration, as well as equipment sales, service, and support. Whether you’re building a multi-room world-class facility or looking for an “In-The-Box” solution, PAD is going to be in it with you for the long haul. Get to know your new extended family.

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Are you passionate about music, audio gear, recording, mixing, and delivering excellence?

Careers at PAD

Are you passionate about music, audio gear, recording, mixing, and delivering excellence?

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