Monitor Guide

Monitor Guide

The ultimate goal of any monitor is to provide a mix that will translate accurately to any and all playback systems.


Time and Relative Dimensions in Space

Doctor Who isn’t the only one who deals with time and space. With traditional monitor design, the physical distance between drivers introduces time delays, which puts frequencies interacting from any unequal point between the drivers out of phase as they reach the listening position. This decision comes down more to your sonic preferences than it does budget.

Nearfield of dreams—if you build it, they will come

The concept of nearfields is to have the direct sound of the monitor significantly greater than room reflections in order to minimize the effect of adverse acoustic characteristics on the listener’s ear.* There are various design elements and innovations to control direct sound, such as Genelec’s Constant Directivity Waveguide and Amphion’s Corian waveguide.

What Part of Infinite Has You Baffled?

This design, which first appeared in Acoustic Research speakers in the ’50s, referred to as “air suspension,” was revolutionary in its ability to produce accurate bass and a linear response throughout the frequency range. The cushion of the air from the back of the sealed cabinet helped to reset the excursion of the driver to its starting point.

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