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Models: LIG030 (D: 30x90x7cm W:3.8Kg)


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This panel is related to the MELLOWALLTRAP® and the WALLTRAP® panels, as it is an absorption panel to be applied on walls and ceilings that predominantly absorbs in the mid-range of the sound spectrum.

The similarities end there given that its size, technical characteristics and respective type of mounting are quite different.

It is an acoustic panel that absorbs medium frequencies and has been developed for use in small rooms.

This product is manufactured with raw materials of different mass and density which are duly coupled in order to increase its absorption coefficient as much as possible.

Several panels can be assembled together with surprising results. As regards its size, it is one of the most effective panels available in the market.


  • Uses 65% of recycled materials
  • NRC: 0.73/m2
  • Fire-resistance: Euroclass B (similar to old M1)
  • To apply in large rooms
  • 100% recyclable
  • Installation: accessories included
  • Other sizes available on demand
  • MOTIF® finishing available in all models except in LIGR90/120 and LIGC090 models

Technical Drawings and Dimensions

Product Dimensions

 Model Height Width Depth Weight
LIG030 30 cm (11.81") 90 cm (35.43") 7 cm (2.76") 3.8 kg (8.38 lbs)
LIG080 180 cm (70.87") 90 cm (35.43") 7 cm (2.76") 20.3 kg (44.76 lbs)
LIG090 90 cm (35.43") 90 cm (35.43") 7 cm (2.76") 11.2 kg (24.7 lbs)
LIGR090 90 cm (35.43") 90 cm (35.43") 7 cm (2.76") 8.7 kg (19.18 lbs)
LIGR120 120 cm (47.24") 120 cm (47.24") 7 cm (2.76") 11.8 kg (26.02 lbs)
LIGRC090 90 cm (35.43") 90 cm (35.43") 7 cm (2.76") 9.4 kg (20.73 lbs)


Absorption Coefficient


Color Options

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