PADTech In-House Repairs

PADTech In-House Repairs

Pro Audio Design’s PADTech Team provides after-market support for most high-end pro audio equipment. We specialize in analog consoles, tape machines, tube and vintage equipment, as well as DAW setup and configuration, wiring systems and design, and onsite installation and service.

Whether in our shop, or at your business, PADTech provides detailed refurbishment, repairs and upgrades, and can restore your gear to meet or exceed original operating specification.  


When you rely on complicated equipment in a time-sensitive environment, you can’t afford to wait indefinitely for repairs. Pro Audio Design's Tech Shop, known as PADTech, maintains an in-house staff of technical wizards who provide fast turnaround on units shipped to our repair facility.

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PADTech services:

  • Console commissioning and decommissioning
  • Installation
  • Wiring design
  • Patchbay design and construction
  • Onsite maintenance
  • Bench service
  • Replacement parts
  • Refurbishment and restoration
  • Room tuning
  • Custom solutions

PADTech rates:

  • Bench service - $85.00 Hr.
  • Onsite service - $100.00 Hr. plus travel
  • Room tuning - $3,000.00 plus travel
  • Design services - $100.00 Hr.

Replacement parts and additional services:

Replacement parts and service for Solid State Logic, API, Neve, Trident, Euphonix, Audient, and many other large-format consoles
Replacement drivers and parts for Augspurger, Dynaudio Acoustics, EVE Audio, Genelec, Quested, TAD, Yamaha, and other monitors.

Appraisal, liquidation, and studio brokerage services also available.

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