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The acoustic treatment panel CERAFLECTOR® is a 3D controlled dispersion multidirectional reflection panel. The angles of reflection of this radial diffusion panel were thoroughly calculated. The depth factor is logarithmically varied and it is, therefore, a three-dimension omnidirectional reflection panel. His modular design makes it unique in the market. The CERAFLECTOR® panel controls primary reflections and fragments them in 64 vertices of incidence using the theoretical numerical sequence ratio of the primitive root as a basis for calculation. Thus, it produces exceptional results of sound diffusion in all directions and provides spaces with considerable sound perception. 

The original model, with more than 20 years in continuous manufacture, it is built with the purest enamelled porcelain. Now JOCAVI® introduces an alternative made on high-density GRP, which has identical mass to the porcelain model, maintaining a very identical acoustic performance as well. As a matter of price and variety of colors, you can prefer to choose the GRP version. BS1 fire resistant. Available in several colors.


  • Made of porcelain, now also available in high-density GRP
  • Average diffusion: 0.67/m2 [>100Hz;<5KHz]
  • Fire-resistance: M1for porcelain model / BS1 for high-density GRP model
  • 100% recyclable
  • Package: 2 units
  • Installation: accessories included

Models and Sizes


Product Dimensions
 Model Height Width Depth Weight
CER015 15 cm (5.91") 15 cm (5.91") 11 cm (4.33") 1.4 kg (3.09 lbs)
CER060 60 cm (23.62") 60 cm (23.62") 13 cm (5.12") 23.7 kg (52.26 lbs)
CER060 (WOOD) 60 cm (23.62") 60 cm (23.62") 13 cm (5.12") 22.6 kg (49.83 lbs)


Acoustic Properties


Standard Ceramic Colors

Standard Wood Colors


Please give us a call and we can help you with what Panel and Color!




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