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The LOWNOTE W acoustic panel is a broadband low-frequency sound absorber designed to balance the modal distribution on small rooms like studios, music listening rooms, and home-cinemas.

The principle used to develop the LOWNOTE W is the Helmholtz Resonator reasoning, through the combination of an coloured engineered coloured wood fibre board box with an HIPS velvet finishing front membrane, which creates the tuned resonance chamber.

The dampening chamber system combined with the front concave shaped ABS membrane is able to offer a large range of bass control over several octaves, while not contributing to add mid/high frequency absorption.

This model can be combined with LOWNOTE C in order to extend the absorption and fine tune the low end of the sound spectrum. These combinations lengthen the lower frequencies absorption to a evenly absorption range.

LOWNOTE W panel can be easily hung on any wall or ceiling surface using the provided accessories. Panels can also be installed in a reinforced T-ceiling.


  • Tuned at 160Hz
  • Average absorption: 0.81/m2 [>50Hz;<250KHz]
  • Box in engineered coloured wood fibre board
  • Front membrane made of HIPS with velvet finishing
  • Fire-resistance: Euroclass B-s2,d0 (similar to old M1) for box; VO - UL94 standards (similar to M2) for HIPS front
  • Can be used on walls or ceilings
  • Installation: mounting accessories included

Tech drawings and Dimensions

Product Dimensions

 Model Height Width Depth Weight
LNW060c 60 cm (23.62") 60 cm (23.62") 8 cm (3.1") 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)
LNW060p 60 cm (23.6") 60 cm (23.62") 8 cm (3.1") 5.2 kg (11.5 lbs)


Absorption Coefficients


Colors and Finishings

Velvety Color

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