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$ 6,111.00

Note: This product is "Built to Order" with an estimated production time of about 6-8 weeks.

The Sterling Modular Plan E is a 3-bay, height-adjustable, wrap-around DAW mixing console with an 8-space center rack, 52 rack spaces (top, front, and rear), and a low acoustic profile for critical listening environments.    

The Sterling Modular Plan E is variation of the wraparound Plan D console with the addition of an 8-space center rack. Initially designed for mastering use, the center rack was perfect for summing mixers with fader packs, such as the AMS Neve Desktop Summing Package, or control surfaces, such as the Avid Artist Mix (using Sterling Modular's optional Artist Series rack trays). As a result, the Plan D has become very popular for DAWs and mix engineers. Like the Plan D, the Plan E is designed with a low rear shelf for monitors, which reduces the acoustic profile of the overall console, while the bottom of the center section is open to allow for more leg room. Additionally, the console has enough space for two 21" monitors and features the same very low profile as all consoles in Sterling Modular's Plan series to minimize surface reflections. Between the three upper bays, lower front bays, and lower rear bays, the Sterling Modular Plan E console has a total of 56 rack spaces (32 top, 24 bottom).  

Sterling Modular Plan E Mastering Console - Just the Facts:

  • The go-to console for the discerning mastering studio and engineer
  • Wraparound design for easy access to left and right equipment front panels
  • Very low profile
  • 8ru center rack fits DAW summing mixer fader packs
  • Maximum air flow for thermal venting
  • Ergonomic design for comfort over long periods at the console
  • Low acoustic profile for the best listening environment
  • Generous rack space
  • Room for two 21" monitors
  • 32ru total in the upper desk bays
  • 12ru total in the lower front bay
  • 12ru total in the lower rear bays
  • Height adjustable
  • Optional keyboard drawer, PC/mouse

Modular design for easy and cost-effective expansion

The modular structure of the Plan Series design allows you to expand, down-size, or customize your rig without purchasing an entirely new console. The design features that reduce the acoustic footprint are present on this and all of Sterling Modular Plan-Series consoles and Mixer Conversions.

Numerous accessories and options are available to help you personalize your Plan E console. Simply call PAD (Pro Audio Design 877-223-8858) and our Studio Consultants will work with you to set up the perfect solution!

  • Basic black
  • Ash hardwood, clear satin finish, mixer
  • Sapele hardwood, dark brown finish (walnut color
  • Sapele hardwood, medium reddish-brown finish
  • Red oak hardwood
  • Natural maple hardwood
  • Brushed aluminum (Thermofoil)
  • Bridge mount, 11-1/2" x 11-1/2", single
  • Bridge mount, 11-1/2" x 19", single
  • Swing arm mount, 8-1/2" x 9-3/4", single
  • Swing arm mount, 8-1/2" x 9-3/4", pair
  • Pedestal mount, 11-1/2" x 11-1/2", single
  • LCD monitor arm, radial - articulating style, 24" horizontal range, 16" vertical range, supports 2 - 13 lb. monitor, black
  • LCD monitor arm, radial-articulating style, 24" horizontal range, 16" vertical range, supports 9 - 24 lb. monitor, black
  • LCD monitor arm, radial-articulating style, 24" horizontal range, 16" vertical range, supports 12 - 29 lb. monitor, black
  • LCD mount extender tube, 6", black
  • LCD monitor arm, articulating, 28" ht., 16" reach
  • LCD monitor arm, articulating, 14" ht., 16" reach
  • Height overall: 34-1/2" - 44"
  • Height armrest: 28-5/8" - 38-1/2"  
  • Width: 45-5/8" front; 90-5/8" rear
  • Depth: 53-1/8"
  • Rack angle: 15 degrees
  • Bay angles: 30 degrees
  • Shipping weight: 277 lb. (6 boxes)


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