Burl Audio BDA8 8-Channel Digital-to-Analog Converter for B80/B16 Mothership

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Burl Audio BDA8 8-Channel Digital-to-Analog Converter for B80/B16 Mothership


Burl Audio BDA8 8-Channel Digital-to-Analog Converter for B80/B16 Mothership

The Burl Audio BDA8 daughter card is an 8-channel DAC for the B80/B16 Mothership, featuring Burl Audio's NextGen analog circuitry combined with the BOPA2 operational amplifier, offering stunning analog warmth and 3D soundstage.

If you're tracking through Burl ADC converters, the only thing that makes sense is to mix and monitor through Burl DAC conversion. How else will you be able to accurately assess what you've recorded? Even if you're mixing other people's projects, summing through Burl will give you the rich analog sound across the spectrum, depth of field and stereo soundstage that your clients will be happy to pay for. Now, let's talk BDA8 for your Burl B80 or B16 Mothership. The BDA8 is a product of Burl's NextGen analog circuitry, which is the source of its chest-thumping lows, breathtaking highs, and magnificently detailed stereo imaging. The new design features instruments and mixes have a more 3D sound, with wider stereo image and even more depth while preserving the original shape and harmonic balance of the source. If you thought the current Burl products sounded great (which they do), these new analog designs are sure to blow your mind.

Burl Audio BDA8 Daughter Card - Just the Facts:

  • 8-channel DAC; 24-bit/44.1kHz to 192kHz
  • Circuit path based on B2 Bomber DAC
  • Burl Audio BOPA2, op-amp
  • All class-A, discrete transistors, zero-capacitor signal path
  • Low latency
  • 8-channel D-SUB connectivity
  • Burl NextGen Analog circuit

Burl Audio BDA8 Daughter Card - Under the Hood

Part of Burl's flexible B80 Mothership system, the BDA8 digital-to-analog converter module gives you eight channels of ultra-high-quality analog audio output. Its conversion circuitry is extremely accurate. Key to the BDA8 D-to-A module (and, in fact, the entire B80 Mothership system) is Burl Audio's intense focus on the analog signal path, which rivals the topography of any high-end piece of analog gear. So, whether you're sending signal to your favorite outboard gear or to your studio monitors, the sound you get from the Burl Audio BDA8 is second to none.

Many professional D-to-A converters fall short when it comes to the analog side of the process, providing you with excellent digital accuracy but unnaturally sterile sound. That's what inspired Burl Audio to develop the unique signal path in the BDA8. Using an entirely Class A, discrete-transistors-based signal path with no capacitors, the BDA8 provides you with both clarity and the extremely high headroom required to respond smoothly to highly dynamic audio. When you hear the BDA8 in action, you'll think "natural" not "digital."

Burl Audio based the circuitry inside the BDA8 on the highly acclaimed B2 Bomber DAC, a phenomenal-sounding 2-channel D-to-A converter found in many high-end professional studios. Coupled with the Burl Audio proprietary BOPA8 discrete, class-A op amp, the combination is a sound that is realistic, open, and huge. Powered by an ultra-low-jitter clock that's locked in sync with the rest of your B80 Mothership, these converters more than stand up to any dedicated, professional-quality digital-to-analog converters out there. What's more, the BDA8 gives you a total of eight channels of conversion, all packed into an affordable, compact module.

Part of the beauty of the BDA8 and the B80 Mothership system as a whole is its incredible modular flexibility, which lets you fit a ton of digital conversion into just a few rack spaces. That's great, because once you hear Burl's converters in action, you'll want to run every channel of your mixes through them! Need a system for summing? No problem! Just load up your B80 Mothership chassis with a few BDA8 modules and you have all the D-to-A conversion you need. How about a tracking system with the capacity for monitoring in 7.1? All you need is a single BDA8 8-channel D-to-A converter and a handful of BAD4 4-channel A-to-D modules. And with other exciting new modules on the way, you'll find endless uses for your Burl Audio B80 Mothership system.

Load up your B80 Mothership with BAD8 D/A cards and make the jump to light speed. Order yours today. For assistance configuring a Burl system to perfectly complement your studio setup, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant. 


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