AMS Neve Genesys Black

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GET BLACK! At this year's AES in Los Angeles, PAD showcased the new AMS Neve Genesys Black console, a digitally controlled analog recording desk that provides complete integration with the studio environment, and the power to control the digital audio workstation of your choice. It is an incredibly innovative hybrid console, with an all-analog audio path featuring Neve's legendary sound. Encorporated in a small footprint, the Genesys Black can be configured from 8-channel/24-input, all the way up to 88 analog inputs on mix. Add to that touch-screen control and DAW-driven automation, and you have the perfect solution for the independent producer, the world-class facility, and everyone in-between.

  • Direct connectivity to your DAW through AES, MADI or FireWire. That's right, plug your Macbook Pro running Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo (or other DAW) into the Genesys Black for complete bidirectional communication.
  • Superb Neve digital conversion, same as is used on their digital consoles and workstations.
  • Motorized analog faders for all input channels, subgroups and outputs, all controlled by DAW automation.
  • Touch screen interface for DAW control.
  • 16 dedicated motorized DAW faders with spillover function, so analog faders can also be assigned as DAW faders.
  • 1073 Microphone preamplifiers with illuminated gain control.
  • 4 band 88RS parametric EQ on each channel - can be upgraded to classic 1084 EQ (caps & coils, inductors, for that classic Neve Sound)
  • Optional 88RS Dynamics on each channel
  • EQ and Dynamics can be assigned to the main or monitor path, There are also two insert points per channel that can be assigned to the main or monitor path, giving you the flexibility to place the inserts, EQ and Dynamics wherever you want in the signal path.
  • Total recall and Total reset allows you to reconfigure the console exactly and quickly.
  • 8 Auxiliary busses - 2 stereo and 4 mono
  • 2 Cue mixes
  • 8 group busses
  • 4 Stereo effects returns with width control - a very cool and useful Neve feature.
  • Comprehensive metering
  • 5.1 Mixing and monitoring
  • Talkback and reverse talkback functions
  • Available in configurations from 8 Channel (Inline with separate monitor path) which gives you 24 analog channels for mixing, up to 40 Channel which will give you a whopping 88 analog channels at mixdown.
  • The big Neve sound of British Iron!

Professional Audio Design is your AMS Neve Systems Sales specialists for North America, and can provide complete solutions including wiring systems, monitoring systems, complete studio packages, or whatever you need to achieve your individual goals.

If you are looking for a top quality recording console, love the sound of the classic Neve's, but want something that is integrated with todays tools and workflows, you owe it to yourself to check out the Genesys Black. It truly is a revolutionary console that brings back the sound we all know and love, with functionality that improves workflow and keeps you in the mixing zone.


You COULD go out and buy a 40 year old Neve with no DAW control for over $100K, but why go back when you can Get Black?



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