AMS Neve GenesysControl Software

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AMS Neve GenesysControl Software


AMS Neve GenesysControl Software

 The AMS Neve GenesysControl plug-in enables full DAW control of analog 1084 and 88RS EQ and dynamics modules fitted into Neve Genesys and Genesys Black consoles.

The only thing missing from the world's most renowned analog preamps and equalizers used to be automation . . . but not anymore! The revolutionary AMS Neve GenesysControl plug-in for the iconic Neve Genesys and Genesys Black consoles gives you full control from your DAW-but we're not just talking fader rides. The GenesysControl plug-in enables DAW users to connect to and control the console's analog hardware, and also automate the EQ and dynamics processing parameters, fader levels, channel strip settings, and more. Now you can experience not only the benefits of Neve's incomparable analog sonics, but also full digital control as well. Better still, GenesysControl eliminates the tradeoff of working in the box for recall convenience versus the better sonics of analog outboard. Now you have both with Neve GenesysControl. It doesn't get better than this!

Neve GenesysControl-Just the Facts:

Channel Strips (Control and automation of analog hardware settings)

  • Fitted 1084 or 88R EQ In/Out switching and processing parameter changes
  • Fitted Dynamics In/Out switching and processing parameter changes
  • AUX send In/Out switching
  • Channel path fader levels and CUTs
  • Monitor path fader levels and CUTs
  • Channel INSert IN/Out switching
  • Renaming of 4-character channel large-fader displays

Monitor section (Control and automation of analog hardware settings)

  • Reverb Return levels and In/Out switching
  • AUX Master In/Out switching
  • Main mix INSert In/Out switching
  • IMR (Insert mix Return/parallel processing) In/Out switching
  • 8-Track fader level/CUT/INSert switching In/Out
  • Master fader level and CUT on/off
  • Renaming of 4-character 8-Track and Master fader displays

AMS Neve GenesysControl-Cracking the Code

The GenesysControl plug-in automatically recognizes analog processing hardware fitted into the Genesys. It allows control and automation of all parameters of the digitally controlled analog Neve 1084 EQ, 88R EQ, and VCA Dynamics plus Channel strip control, REV Return, 8-Track section control, and Master fader control.

All of the elements available within the GenesysControl plug-in can be fully controlled and automated from your DAW. The GenesysControl plug-in can be applied to a mono, stereo, or master track, and can be assigned to control selected channels on the Genesys or Genesys Black console.

* The GenesysControl plugin will only work when licensed to a Genesys or Genesys Black console

AMS Neve Genesys Black

The Neve Genesys Black is a very versatile digitally controlled analog console that offers the distinct advantages of classic Neve sound with direct DAW control. Plus, instead of setting up a digital mix station perpendicular to your monitors, the Neve Genesys Black enables you to sit centered between your monitors as nature intended. Thanks to a central control screen that sits below the monitors, out of the way of their positive-going acoustic excursions (that's slang for “pushing air”), Genesys Black eliminates unwanted reflections off the computer monitor. But that's not all that's front and center in your control room. The Genesys Black forms a fully integrated centralized bridge for your personal Enterprise, starting with eight channels of classic 1073 mic/line preamps, 16-channels of DAW/tape monitoring, hands-on control for Pro Tools, Nuendo, and other DAWs (Mac/PC), eight channels of digitally controlled 88R-style 4-band EQ, eight channels of VCA dynamics (optional), and channel ADA conversion up to 96kHz over MADI, AES, and FireWire. There are also 24 motorized faders, six aux buses (4 mono, two stereo) eight group buses, two main outputs with faders, four effects returns, comprehensive metering, 5.1 monitoring, two cue mixes, talkback, USB stick storage and reset, plus an internal power supply.

Neve Genesys Black-Just the Facts:

  • Eight channels of Neve 1073 mic pre/line amplifiers (base configuration)
  • Dedicated DAW control section with touch display
  • 16 dedicated DAW control faders with corresponding stereo DAW metering on the meter bridge
  • 16-channel DAW monitoring
  • Total Reset and Total Recall
  • Motorized 8-track and main output faders with DAW control
  • Eight channels of Neve 88R-style, 4-band EQ
  • Eight channels of A/D/D/A converters
  • Six aux send/returns (4 mono and 2 stereo)
  • Eight groups, 2 stereo mix busses (Main Mix LR + 2-track)
  • Four stereo effects returns with width control
  • Channel, DAW, 8-track, 2-track, and monitor metering
  • Two stereo monitoring speaker sets
  • 1 mixing and 2x 5.1 monitoring speaker sets
  • 2 independent cue mixes
  • Full talkback and reverse talkback capability
  • Internal power supply units
  • USB flash drive for store, load, and reset functionality
  • Hands-on DAW control for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and more
  • AD/DA cassette to provide digital Ins/Outs (16 in, 8 out per card)
  • Digitally controlled EQ and optional dynamics (88R or 1084 EQ circuitry and 88R-style Dynamics)
  • Optional digital monitoring cassette providing I/O for Aux, 8-track, Main Mix and monitoring
  • Expandable to 56 channels, either in straight or wedge formation

What makes Neve sound so good?

Custom Marinair transformers

Mr. Neve is a great proponent of transformer-balanced designs. Transformers excel at passive isolation, eliminate noise and hum and aren't prone to turning into radio receivers as transformerless designs can be. They also provide the advantage of long cable runs with no, or minimal signal degradation, which is essential for large multi-room facilities or live performance.

Ultra-high bandwidth

Rupert Neve was the first pro audio designer to realize that preamps band-limited to 20kHz (the supposed upper limit of human hearing) were not telling the whole story. Mr. Neve reasoned that since harmonics above the range of human hearing exist in nature, and nature doesn't engage in unnecessary excess, they must be taken into account. If nothing else, the popularity of the 1073 preamp to this day (released in 1970) proves him correct. However, it was Abbey Road's Geoff Emerick who heard “something wrong” with a channel on a newly commissioned Neve desk at Abbey Road. Eventually, after much troubleshooting, Mr. Neve discovered a capacitor wired improperly, which impacted the signal at 60kHz! That experience validated his initial hypothesis. To this day, Mr. Neve's favorite proof of the impact of ultra-high frequencies on the audible spectrum is to output a sine wave on a signal generator at 12kHz (which anyone should be able to hear) and switch it to a square wave, which everyone can easily identify. When you realize that a square wave is simply the addition of a sine wave an octave higher than the fundamental (24kHz added to 12kHz), it becomes readily apparent that ultra-high frequencies do affect the audible spectrum. Further audio research has shown that the linearity of frequencies well beyond human hearing does have an audible impact. A signal 3dB down at 25kHz can show a measured in-band phase shift of roughly -50 degrees (10kHz!).

PAD For the Record-When tubes fell out of favor and transistors became all the rage, designers of pro audio gear had a problem. Transistors didn't saturate like tubes, which distort naturally as gain is increased. Transistors, on the other hand, much like digital circuits, perform consistently as gain is increased, but once the threshold is crossed, they clip, producing rather harsh distortion. When faced with this dilemma, Mr. Rupert Neve realized that his task was to take the components we had (i.e. transistors) and find a way to make them sound musical. In so doing, it was discovered that the rich euphonic sound of tube preamps was actually more attributable to transformers than tubes. The Neve preamps prove that solid-state, transformer-based designs are just as capable of a rich, creamy sound as tube designs, hence the reference in the industry to custom-designed preamps by Neve and other manufacturers as “the big iron sound of the '70s.”

With the AMS Neve GenesysControl plug-in, your analog Neve hardware and DAW become a seamlessly integrated whole, providing the ultimate best-of-both-worlds solution for analog/digital hybrid studios that demand nothing but the best in sonics and workflow. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant today.

 **Please note**

The Software can only purchased when ordering the console.

If you already have a Genesys console and wish to purchase the software, please click on this link to request it for your existing console.  


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