Zaor VISION K - Black

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Zaor VISION K - Black


Zaor VISION K - Black

Have you considered enhancing your desk with a keyboard tray? If so, the Vision K might be just what you are looking for. While it is a perfect fit for the Vision O and Vision W desks, Vision K can be used with pretty much any desk with the appropriate dimensions. Vision K acts as a trolley for your keyboard or synthesizer and neatly slides under your desk.

The Vision K is as sturdy in its build quality as the desks from the Vision line and will hold an 88 key master keyboard easily. Since master keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, the Vision K allows for height adjustments in four increments to accommodate every keyboard or controller perfectly while still leaving as much legroom as possible.

As the Vision K is not attached to any desk and stands on high-quality wheels, it can also be used as a standalone keyboard trolley. You can move your master keyboard to any place you desire for playing, and when you have finished your take, just slip it under the desk and it is out of the way. As simple as it is elegant, the Vision K is a perfect extension of the Vision range – and virtually any other working desk.


  • Simple yet elegant design matches almost any work environment
  • Perfectly fits Vision O and Vision W, but also works with other appropriately dimensioned desks or standalone
  • Easy to move due to its high-quality wheels
  • Height-adjustable in 4 levels to accommodate any master keyboard

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