$ 699.99

Speakers can only ever perform as well as they are set up. With the Miza Stand MkIII, you can get the most out of your system while also complementing the style of your studio or listening room.

The most important aspect of a speaker setup is their relative position in the room to achieve the optimal listening triangle. The next important aspect is elevation: only at the optimal height can a speaker properly provide the balanced frequency distribution that is paramount for audio reproduction. The Miza Stand MkIII allows for tailoring its height to the specific circumstances, the room, and the set of speakers.

The top of the Miza Stand MkIII is equipped with an Aerstop mat to isolate the speaker from the stand itself, minimizing the transmission of vibrations that can cause phase problems and comb filter effects. With all these features combined, the Miza Stand MkIII provides optimal speaker placement and thus enables your speakers to perform at their peak.


  • Height adjustment for optimal listening
  • Aerstop mat for acoustic isolation
  • Elegant Miza design
  • Carries up to 25 kg