XTA DPA Series - Digital Processing Amplifiers

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XTA DPA Series - Digital Processing Amplifiers


XTA DPA Series - Digital Processing Amplifiers

Combining new technology power amplification with the highest definition XTA DSP, the DPA Series take audio performance and convenience to a whole new level. Powerful processing features such as FIR filtering, dynamic eq, and Dante Networking work alongside unique enhancements including 4 local + 4 aux DSP channels (also supplied to the network), meaning a single DPA amplifier can control a stereo 4-way system with no external processing and supply audio to a Non-DSP amplifier either via analogue or a single Cat5 cable.  Control via new AudioCore with advanced grouping architecture, or go wireless with our bespoke iPad app DeltaDirect.

Configure and tune using a fast, powerful combination of AudioCore (XTA’s fast efficient control software platform) and DeltaDirect, the bespoke iPad app. Every aspect of a network of amplifiers can be controlled and monitored wirelessly.Direct Ethernet, USB, and RS485 control options plus configurable GPIO offer unparalleled remote control flexibility.

Technical Specifications

Dante Network Audio x 4, AES3 x 2 (four chs.), Analogue x 4.  Mix matrix for power amp and aux source processing.

Dante Network Audio x 4
Aux outputs x 4: XLR line level with independent processing and memories.
Power amplifier outputs(x 4):
Output Power++ (per channel):

Load DPA40 DPA80 DPA100
8R 500W 1000 1400W
4R 1000W 2000 2700W
2.7R* 1400W 2200 3700W
2R 1200W 2000 3500W

Output Power++ (bridged):

Load DPA40 DPA80 DPA100
8R 2000W 4000W 5400W
4R 2400W 4000W 7000W

THD:  better than 0.08% (2kW, 1k)
Freq. resp.: 3Hz-30kHz -3dB

ADC and DAC resolution: 24bit
Internal sample rate: 96kHz
Delay; Polarity; IIR EQ (PEQ, shelving, variQ, all pass, phase, notch, band pass); Crossover up to 48dB/Oct.; FIR filtering; Dynamic EQ~; Program & Peak Limiter

Nominal system gain:  32dB
Mains voltage: 115/230VAC nominal 50-60Hz
(factory set for either 115 or 230V operation)
Mains current:  20A maximum
Suggested circuit breaker: C32
Mains connector:  PowerCon

Remote Control:
Front panel USB (with RS485 relay mode)
Rear Panel RS485 bus
Direct Ethernet (with Rs485 relay mode)
GPIO Port – 2 x IN, 2 x OUT

Dims:  88 x 482 x 458mm (HxWxD)
12.5kg (27.6lbs), Boxed (shipping) 14.5kg (32.0lbs)
11.0kg (24.2lbs), Boxed (shipping) 13.0kg (28.7lbs)
10.0kg (22.0lbs), Boxed (shipping) 12.0kg (26.5lbs)

++Powers measured for continuous music with Crest Factor of 4.8 (14dB)
*2.7 ohm power quoted for highest single ended output and greatest efficiency (3 x 8 ohm parallel drivers).   Amplifier is stable with 2 ohm loads but output will be reduced.
~in future firmware release

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