Wunder Audio PEQ4 - HiQ 19” 1U Version

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Wunder Audio PEQ4 - HiQ 19” 1U Version


Wunder Audio PEQ4 - HiQ 19” 1U Version

PEQ4 Single Module -

Introducing the new PEQ4. Our 4-band Mic-Pre/EQ, with selectable narrow or wide Q, allows you to enhance (boost) and/or minimize (cut) a larger number of selected frequencies. Designed in 2019 for Roger Waters' 48-channel Wunderbar, the PEQ4 has 4 bands: low, low-mid, high-mid, and high. Refined boost and cut amplifiers give better resolution to the boost and cut compared to the PEQ2. New custom-made aluminum gun-metal gray knobs give the module a cool vibe. This new module also boasts silent switching push-buttons. The push-buttons activate a relay so no audio passes through them, making them functionally quiet. The new PEQ4 includes our custom transformers, which give it that thick Wunder Audio sound. The PEQ4 is available as a module in the Wunderbar, a vertical rack mount module, or 19" one-U-high horizontal rack mount unit. While it doesn't replace the PEQ2, the PEQ4 maintains what we love about the PEQ2, while including some extras designed for those who desire a bit more control over the EQ.

PEQ4 Features:

  • Rear connector that is interchangeable with PEQ2 or a 1073.
  • Same microphone preamp as PEQ2.
  • Same Class A output stage as PEQ2, extended on the tail end, just before output transformer, for greater maximum gain.
  • Same mic in, live in, and output transformers as the PEQ2; Wunder Audio's own "NICO" Western Electric 6186-style transformers (Nickle/Iron/Cobalt).
  • Same thick gauge mu-metal enclosure for superior shielding and RF protection.
  • Same high and low shelving EQ. 
  • High quality custom Grayhill gain and EQ switches with exceptional gold contact per switch position.
  • Global EQ bypass button switches EQ totally out of circuit.
  • Individual band bypass switch. When EQ is on, each band can be individually by-passed.
  • Light pipe pushbuttons, as used in the Wunderbar Console.
  • Discrete, active high pass filter.
  • Phase switch.
  • LED metering with Green signal indicator and Red clip light.
  • 78 dB of total gain.
  • Thick and sturdy faceplate.
  • 1% Metal Film resistors for a low noise floor and better matching from channel to channel.
  • Sturdy amp compensation / RF rejection capacitors.
  • Optimized component layout with thick copper traces.
  • RF filtering.

What's Different:

Refined boost and cut amplifiers for the equalizer.

All pushbutton switches activate a relay which keeps audio direct in circuit, and not passing through switches, so it's noise-free.

2 mid-bands of EQ instead of one.

Selectable narrow or wide Q on the two mid-bands.

Eight Aux in the Wunderbar:

The Wunderbar is now available in the standard 4 axillary and the new 8 axillary versions. The new 8-aux routing modules have 4 sets of duel concentric knobs, and the 8-aux sends can be sent in any combination of stereo or mono. Also new on the 8-aux routing module is a unity gain button next to the PEQ output trim/monitor knob. The 8 auxiliary Wunderbar comes equipped with a fully-balanced 8-aux master section.

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