Wunder Audio CM7 FET S

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Wunder Audio CM7 FET S


Wunder Audio CM7 FET S

The Wunder Audio CM7 FET Suprema is a phantom powered version of the original U47. The original goal with a phantom powered mic was to bypass the need for a tube PSU. One shortcoming of the U47 FET was that the design technology of the 1960's FET transistor was in its infancy and the end result was not always desirable.

The Wunder Audio CM7 FET Suprema has improved this design with a modern upgrade that employs an ultra-low noise single n-channel transistor with JFET technology coupled with a Neve 1073 style mic pre-transformer. The results are stunning and the performance of this mic greatly surpasses the original, yielding better low-lows and highs. This a workhorse studio mic for all sources, especially vocals, making it reminiscent of a 1970's era U87!


Employing the exact replica of the original grille is one of the key aspects of achieving the correct performance of this mic.

Wunder Audio CM7FET S Grille is true to vintage with three gauges of grill mesh at the head grille: an outer large mesh, an inner medium mesh, and a fine mesh that is sandwiched in between.


The Wunder Audio CM7 FET Suprema K47 capsule includes a one-piece back plate dual Membrane Capsule. The diaphragms are tuned individually and then matched for an equivalent response.


Wunder Audio optimized their passive components to achieve a true audiophile performance. While high-fidelity equipment is usually referred to at the end of the chain in recording, They feel that it is equally important all the way through; to be able to listen to the best possible recording, you must be able to record that sound with minimal amounts of noise and distortion and an accurate frequency

Box and Yoke Mount          

Your Wunder Audio CM7 FET S is nestled in velvet and softly secured in place in a foam-lined oak-wooden box that is clasped and hinged. This beautiful oak box is also sold separately. Your CM7 FET S yoke mount is an improved one-piece design for durability.

Package includes:

CM7 FET S Microphone, K47 Dual Membrane Capsule, Plush Oak Microphone Box, Historic Shock-mount, and 1-year warranty.

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