Waves Tune Real-Time

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Waves Tune Real-Time


Waves Tune Real-Time

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Automatic Vocal Tuning and Creative Effects—in Real Time

Waves Tune Real-Time eliminates the creative disconnect that happens when you track a vocal, but can’t hear the pitch effects until mixdown. With Waves Tune Real-Time, what you hear is what you track. Good-bye, guesswork—you’ll know what your vocal will sound like when it’s time to mix.

You can set Waves Tune Real-Time to be anywhere from natural and transparent, to creative and extreme. Best of all, you can concentrate on your vocal’s feel, while Waves Tune Real-Time takes care of the pitch—whether in the studio or live on stage.

  • Automatically tunes vocals in real time
  • Perform vocals with confidence, in the studio or live
  • Apply transparent pitch fixes, or quantize for creative “T-Pain” FX
  • Ultra-low latency for instant response
  • Advanced formant correction to retain natural vocal sound
  • Super-fast, easy interface that keeps you in the creative flow
  • Corrects vibrato while preserving its natural feel when needed
  • Program or play the pitch correction via MIDI
  • Optimized for both studio and live performance
  • SoundGrid-compatible for all Waves live sound applications

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