Waves Vocal Bender

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Waves Vocal Bender


Waves Vocal Bender

Half Annual Sale June 2024

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Transform Your Vocals in Real Time

Bend your vocals in real time for the most popular sounds in hip hop, pop, R&B and electronic genres. With zero latency and two simple pitch and formant controls, Vocal Bender is the fastest, easiest, highest-quality way to record and produce hit-sounding vocal effects instantly.

Travis Scott-style deep-voiced adlibs. Billie Eilish-style vocal doubles. Frank Ocean’s pitch-shifted lead vocals. The high-pitched vocal topline you hear in every EDM drop. Vocal Bender will twist your vocals in real time, letting you hear how your pitch/formant-shifted vocals sound as you perform.

  • Real-time monophonic voice manipulation plugin
  • Easy vocal pitch shifting and formant control
  • Zero latency for studio recording and live performance
  • Powerful modulation panel opens up new and exciting possibilities
  • LFO, SEQ, Amplitude, and Pitch modulators for deeper effects
  • Vibrato, pitch drops, sequenced pitching, and more
  • ‘Flatten’ feature for robotic vocal effects
  • Mix knob for blending harmonies and doubles on inserts
  • Optimized for voice; manipulate other sources for sound design
  • Dozens of presets for instant gratification
  • Link control to link the Pitch and Formant knobs
  • Mix control to blend the original vocal and the effect

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