Waves V-Series Bundle

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Mix with the Vibrant Colors of Vintage EQ and Compression

Based on the timeless 1066/1073/1081 mic pre/EQs and 2254 compressor, these plugins capture their sonic behavior, analog character, and ability to “push” audio transformers hard—a crucial contributor to the big, warm, yet defined sounds that shaped generations of popular music.

The lasting popularity of these processors is no accident: the design choices prioritized musicality above all. And now, these rich, inviting colors can grace studios into the next half-century.

  • Delivers the sound of classic 1970s consoles
  • Turn authentic harmonic distortion emulation on or off
  • Carefully curated EQ curves provide maximum musicality
  • Choose general tone-shaping, or more precise EQ
  • All processors feature exceptional midrange detail
  • Models the sweet characteristics of transformer distortion

The V-Series Bundle Includes the following Plug-Ins:

  • V-Comp
  • V-EQ3
  • V-EQ4



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