Waves V-EQ4

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Multiband Precision with a Rich, Vintage Vibe

Vintage analog EQs were often designed to shape tone, compared to today’s “surgical” EQs that are more about fixing problems. The V-EQ4, modeled after the Neve 1081, embodies the transition between these two philosophies—vintage sound, yet evolving to greater control and precision.

Two 10-position midrange controls (with Hi-Q buttons), variable high and low-frequency shelving, and high and lowpass filters provide the versatility needed to both shape and fix sounds.

  • Low- and high-Q options use sensible, musical values
  • Models the acclaimed Neve 1081 mic preamp/EQ
  • Transformer modeling gives a warm, upfront midrange
  • Rich lows and sparkling highs enhance guitars and keyboards
  • Class AB design, with analog emulation, adds sparkle
  • Covers the wide range of frequencies needed for drums
  • Lift instruments out of a mix, or push them further back
  • Even with EQ zeroed, analog modeling is still available