Waves Transform Bundle

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Shapeshifting Plugins for Sound Design, Remixes, and More

Break away from the conventional, and think outside the box, with these transformational plugins. Transform offers the tools that can alter a sound’s fundamental essence—from simply changing pitch, to creating sonic mutations that bear no relationship to the original source material.

Transform is a natural for sound design, remixes, effects, and novel production touches that lift mixes out of the ordinary. With the power of Transform, you can turn a sound into a soundscape.

  • Use SoundShifter’s high-quality pitch shifting for effects or music
  • For sonic punch and excitement, shape transients with Trans-X
  • Create sonic spaces and 80s-style pitch detune with Doubler
  • Morphoder morphs individual sounds into a composite sound
  • Punch and squash dynamics with Renaissance Axxe
  • Use individually—or go further, with series and parallel routings

The Transform Bundle Includes the following Plug-Ins:

  • TransX
  • SoundShifter
  • Morphoder
  • Doubler
  • Renaissance Axx


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