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Tune Any Room Quickly and Efficiently With Auto-Correction EQ and Time Alignment

Every sound system and acoustic environment is different—so mixing is like trying to score a goal while the goalposts are moving. But TRACT System Calibration is the “great equalizer”: it reads the room, generates correction curves, auto-corrects EQ issues, and time-aligns the system.

TRACT integrates with the industry-standard Smaart® audio analysis software to pinpoint room problems—then fixes them. And by fixing the room, you won’t need to fix it in the mix.

  • Tune any sound system quickly: Auto-correction EQ and time alignment
  • NEW: Integrates with Smaart® v9 including Suite, RT, LE
  • Use in live performances or in the studio for monitor correction
  • Calculates and applies a corrective EQ curve to flatten response
  • Time-aligns the system to minimize phase issues
  • Runs within eMotion LV1, SuperRack, or any major DAW
  • Restore the sonic impact that’s lost with non-tuned sound systems
  • Mix with confidence, knowing that you’re hearing accurate sound
  • Includes minimal-phase FIR and linear-phase FIR components
  • Capture and merge up to 8 snapshots of measured response
  • Create your own custom reference curves
  • 8 bands of industry-standard IIR filters