Waves SSL 4000 Collection

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Mix with the Classic Analog Sound that Powered Thousands of Hits

The SSL 4000 is the unquestioned superstar of consoles. Its punchy, deep, rich, in-your-face sonic signature has shaped modern music as we know it, from David Bowie to Dr. Dre, Bruce Springsteen to Foo Fighters to Kendrick Lamar.

Licensed by SSL, this collection captures the original consoles’ unrivaled dynamics and EQ with breathtaking detail. With channel strips from the acclaimed E- and G-series, classic mic preamps, both “black” and “brown” knob EQ options, and the famed SSL bus compressor, your DAW doesn’t just sound like an SSL—it becomes an SSL.

  • Developed under license from Solid State Logic®
  • Choose your sound: classic E-series, or modern G-series
  • Sculpt your mixes with the unmatched dynamics of the SSL VCA compressor and gate
  • Glue your mixes together with the unrivaled SSL G- Master Bus Compressor
  • Newly modeled SSL EV2 includes both “black” and “brown” knob EQ
  • Hundreds of presets from Grammy®-winning engineers

The SSL 4000 Collection Includes the following Plug-Ins:

  • SSL E-Channel
  • SSL EV2 Channel
  • SSL G-Master Buss Compressor
  • SSL G-Equalizer
  • SSL G-Channel

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