Waves Sound Design Suite

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Waves Sound Design Suite


Waves Sound Design Suite

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Plugins Chosen by Sound Designers, for Sound Designers

Created in consultation with movie sound designer Scott Gershin (Star Trek, Hellboy 2, American Beauty) and game guru Charles Deenen (Need for Speed, Fast & Furious 1 and 2), this collection’s 40 creative plugins can mold, modulate, and mangle sound—from FX to textured soundscapes.

In addition to essential plugins like compression and equalization, Sound Design Suite can warp time, pitch, transients, stereo imaging, doppler effects, emphasis, distortion, and much more.

  • Bend pitch with Ultrapitch, and transpose with SoundShifter
  • Thicken sounds with doublers and delays
  • Plugins like Enigma, Doppler, and MondoMod twist space and time
  • Choose from multiple compressors—vintage to modern
  • Impress one sound’s character on another sound with Morphoder
  • Maximizers can slam volume for power and punch
  • Create floor-shaking bass with LoAir subharmonic generator
  • Choose your EQ—vintage, analog, or precision linear-phase
  • Create melodic segments with the Electric Grand 80 piano
  • Add dirt, distortion, and crunch with guitar amp processors
  • Emphasize impact with Trans-X transient shaping
  • Skew stereo imaging, and convert mono to stereo

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