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Let the Pros Optimize Your Bass and Drum Sound

There has never been more importance placed on the sound of bass and drums than in today’s hip hop, dance, and rock music. Now super-engineers Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig, and Tony Maserati can lend their chart-topping expertise to lay the right foundation for your mix.

These super-engineers created great bass and drum sounds for everyone from Bowie to Beyoncé, Post Malone to Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin to John Mayer. Now, let them work their magic for you.

  • 9 plugins created in collaboration with these renowned engineers
  • Each multieffects represents a custom, personal effects chain
  • Choose the vibe, from classic 60s to cutting-edge hip hop
  • Tweak sounds in seconds with carefully curated parameters
  • Drum plugins are ideal for multi-output drum instruments
  • Accurate metering for each plugin simplifies gain staging
  • Mix and match different plugins for different drum tracks
  • Improve workflow by loading complete effects chains

9 Plugins Included