Waves Scheps 73

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Waves Scheps 73


Waves Scheps 73

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Colorful EQ with Mic Preamp Modeled from the Classic 1073 Console

The only way a preamp and EQ can remain coveted for over half-a-century is by checking all the boxes: a sonic character that still stands alone, strategic control and design choices that prioritize results over complexity, and reverence—that persists to this day—from world-class engineers.

The 1073’s EQ and preamp by themselves embody excellence, but combining the two creates magic. The way the EQ processes the fat, warm, inviting preamp sound is the key to the 1073’s enduring success.

With precision analog modeling of the original’s behavior—tweaked to perfection by Grammy-winning mixing engineer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Metallica, Jay Z)—Scheps 73 keeps the legend alive.

  • Add the fat, warm sounds made possible by transformer saturation
  • Reproduces the four classic bands of EQ with exacting detail
  • Equalize mid and sides individually with the included Mid-Side Matrix
  • Models the “secret ingredient”— the Marinair audio transformer
  • Mono, Dual Mono, or Stereo modes, and 4 monitoring options
  • Includes an exclusive midrange band from the original schematics
  • Designed with Grammy-winning mix engineer Andrew Scheps
  • Equalize left and right channels individually

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