Waves Q10 Equalizer

$ 99.00 -75%
$ 24.99

Pinpoint Precision with True Transparency

As it celebrates 30 years of service to the pro audio industry, the reason for the Q10’s longevity is simple: it solves problems. The recent 25th anniversary update retains the transparency, versatility, and efficiency of this industry standard, but raises the bar yet again with significant improvements.

With an added proportional-Q curve, double-precision math, and a modern interface that shows all bands or focuses on one, the Q10 is primed for 30 more years of equalization excellence.

  • EQ left and right channels independently, or link together
  • 10 parametric bands with 6 curves, and controls for Q, freq, and gain
  • Combine and stack filters for ultra-deep, steep, or broad curves
  • Hipass, lowpass, bell, proportional, high shelf, low shelf for each band
  • Modern multitouch-friendly, or space-saving legacy, interface
  • Proportional-Q curve keeps the Q proportional to gain
  • Enter specific, numeric values for extra precision
  • Focus view expands the display, and shows one band’s controls
  • Comes with instant expertise—50 factory and artist presets
  • Accuracy for surgical fixes, transparency for tone shaping