Waves Q-Clone

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$ 19.99

Capture Classic Curves from Hardware EQs

The Q-Capture/Q-Clone combination solves three crucial limitations with outboard analog EQ: You can’t use more than one instance of a hardware processor, you can’t save presets, and you can’t see the actual curve that’s being applied—which often doesn’t correspond to the panel markings.

Q-Capture “samples” a hardware EQ’s curve. Save it as a Q-Clone plugin preset, insert it in as many tracks as you like, and see the exact curve represented graphically. It’s pretty magical.

  • Use hardware EQ curves on as many DAW tracks as you want
  • Save analog EQ settings as a plugin preset
  • Bring the sound of classic hardware into your DAW’s projects
  • Mix and match curves from different EQs
  • Comes with a huge collection of presets from vintage hardware EQs
  • Displays what’s really happening with analog EQ curves
  • Use virtual cables for cloning plugins without an audio interface
  • Clone plugins—save curves from several series EQs as one preset