Waves PuigChild Compressor

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Waves PuigChild Compressor


Waves PuigChild Compressor

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“The Rolls Royce of Tube Compressors”– Jack Joseph Puig

Rare, expensive and effective, the Fairchild 660 and 670 were the pinnacle of 1950s compression technology. Their open, warm sound and fast attack made them ideal for creative transient shaping and for ‘gluing’ mixes via stereo bus compression.

PuigChild brings you this classic sound, modeled to the last sonic detail under the close supervision of Grammy®-winning producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig, from his own favorite units.

  • Smooth warm analog sound with clean, transparent character
  • Exceptional tonality for vocals and for transient-heavy instruments
  • Perfect as a bus compressor for ‘gluing’ your mixes
  • Classic ‘pumping’ drum sound when used aggressively
  • Smooths harshness yet preserves attack & strengthens sustain
  • The warm compression heard on classics from the Beatles onward
  • Multiple compression modes: mono, dual mono, stereo, M/S
  • 6 selectable choices for attack / release times
  • Accurate circuit modeling with total harmonic distortion
  • Add original hum and noise floor (50/60 Hz) for full analog authenticity
  • Low noise modeling thanks to custom transformers with multiple stages per channel
  • Variable-mu tube topology reacts to input load for well-balanced sonics

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