Waves Nx Head Tracker for Headphones

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Waves Nx Head Tracker for Headphones


Waves Nx Head Tracker for Headphones

Enhance the 3D Acoustic Simulation of Nx Headphone Reference Plugins

The wireless, Bluetooth Nx Head Tracker attaches to your headphones and tracks your head movement in real time. It then feeds the data into Waves Nx headphone mixing plugins, which create real-world 3D acoustics on any headphones in order to help you make better mixing decisions on headphones.

Head tracking enhances the realism of the immersive Nx effect, making the sound feel even more ‘out-of-the-head,’ and immersing you even deeper in the acoustic space of virtual studios such as Abbey Road, Ocean Way, or CLA’s Mix L.A.

The Nx Head Tracker is also compatible with the Waves Nx mobile app. Imagine moving your head, and the audio perspective shifts in a game, acoustic environment, or VR—and when you turn around, the sound comes from behind you. This is true 3D sound.

  • Augments the realism of all Waves Nx virtual studio plugins
  • Make better mixing decisions with headphones by listening in a space
  • Connects with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Tracks head movement in a full 360° sphere
  • Tracks head movements in underlit conditions without webcam
  • Tracks head movements with greater precision than webcam
  • 6 people can use Nx Head Trackers simultaneously
  • Order with confidence—30-day money-back guarantee

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