Waves Maserati VX1

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Enhance Vocals with Go-To Chains by Tony Maserati (Beyoncé)

Contour 1 provides the sound of studio recording, 2 is a larger chamber, and 3 is a small room with delay optimized for uptempo songs. These aren’t just different reverb or delay settings, but involve incorporating the right effects for squeezing out subtleties, or engulfing vocals in a full production.

Created in close collaboration with Grammy winner Tony Maserati (Beyoncé, Jason Mraz, Robin Thicke, more), this is the easiest way to bring his platinum vocal sounds into your studio.

“VX1 will help you squeeze more emotion from a subtle performance, or get the vocal to sit just right in a large production. CONTOUR 1 gives you a studio or small venue room; CONTOUR 2 is a larger chamber with reflective pre-delays, most suited for slow ballads; CONTOUR 3 is set up for quicker-tempo songs with a very small room and matching pre-delay.”—Tony Maserati

  • Designed with Grammy®-winning mixer Tony Maserati (Beyoncé)
  • 3 Contours shape the overall initial effect for different vocals
  • The Compress control in Contours 1 and 2 accentuates nuances
  • Contour 3’s Air control gives clarity with uptempo vocals
  • Delay and reverb interact to create animated textures
  • Each Contour has customized Bass and Treble control curves
  • Delay effect changes subtly for the 3 Contours
  • 16 presets cover multiple Contour applications