Waves Maserati GRP

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Waves Maserati GRP


Waves Maserati GRP

Half Annual Sale June 2024

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Give Groups the Glue They Need

There are plenty of effects for individual tracks and sounds, but Maserati GRP—created with Grammy®-winner mixer Tony Maserati (Beyoncé)—addresses the crucial need to bring out the best in group channels: “glue” sounds together to turn individual tracks into a cohesive whole.

GRP is for background vocals, drums, layered guitars, strings, and the like. Loops and stems also benefit from being treated as a single entity, thanks to curated EQ and compression settings.

“This plugin will give your groups that extra final help—add a nice sheen on background vocals, compress a drum kit together, make it feel it’s got some nice air. It’s not about adding major effects—it’s about that extra touch of EQ and subtle compression.”—Tony Maserati

  • Subtle group compression glues instead of squashes
  • Dedicated settings for backing vox, drums, keys, strings, masters
  • Master mode works on full mixes and stems
  • PRGM mode for drums breathes life into programmed drums
  • Low, mid, and high frequencies tailor the tone for groups
  • Unify groups into a single, interconnected sound
  • 13 presets for background vocals, drums, guitars, and more
  • Separate modes for use as an insert or send effect

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