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Create Earth-Rumbling Lows

Go to any movie, and you’ll experience the power of low frequencies. Whether giant dinosaurs pound the ground, or an alien ship explodes, an intense low end adds drama to the visuals, and helps propel the plot. Now, the secret is out: this popular post-production tool is great for music.

Whether making drums and bass more forceful, adding body to thin vocals, adding depth to masters, or pushing out the power in live shows, LoAir lays down the lows—with quality sound.

  • Includes mono, stereo, 5.0 and 5.1 surround components
  • Subharmonic generation for sound design, post-production, and music
  • Filters polyphonic material, and lowers it by one octave
  • Add subs to synths, kick, bass in both film and music production
  • Restore the low end often lost in field recordings
  • Increase depth, power, and low-end authority