Waves Live Basics

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Waves Live Basics


Waves Live Basics

Half Annual Sale June 2024

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Powerful, Polished Processing for Live Sound Mixing

The Live Basics collection transforms your console into a versatile, flexible mixing machine for the most demanding live sound, broadcast, and post-production applications. These ultra-low-latency, high-performance, efficient plugins easily handle even complex signal processing needs.

Incorporating dynamics processing, modulation, delay, reverb, EQ, enhanced bass, maximization, analysis, channel strips, mono-to-stereo conversion, de-essing, and more, Live Basics is essential.

  • Compression for all situations: vintage, hybrid, and multiband
  • Dedicated plugins dial in sounds fast for voice, guitar, and bass
  • Ride vocal gain automatically, de-ess, compress, and tame sibilance
  • Two channel strips for convenient, quick edits
  • Create ambiance with convolution and algorithmic reverbs
  • Multiple EQs, from vintage character to modern precision
  • Add sonic spice with effects like delay, flanging, and modulation
  • Maximize levels, enhance bass, and convert mono to stereo
  • Analyze your audio with the PAZ Analyzer and precision VU meters
  • All plugins have under 1 ms latency with SoundGrid consoles

33 Plugins Included:

  • AudioTrack
  • C1 Compressor
  • C4 Multiband Compressor
  • DeEsser
  • H-Comp Hybrid Compressor
  • H-Delay Hybrid Delay
  • IR-Live Convolution Reverb
  • L1 Ultramaximizer
  • MaxxBass
  • MetaFlanger
  • MondoMod
  • MV2
  • PAZ Analyzer
  • PS22 Stereo Maker
  • Q10 Equalizer
  • Renaissance Axx
  • Renaissance Bass
  • Renaissance Channel
  • Renaissance Compressor
  • Renaissance DeEsser
  • Renaissance Equalizer
  • Renaissance Reverb
  • Renaissance Vox
  • Sibilance
  • SuperTap
  • Trans-X
  • TrueVerb
  • V-Comp
  • V-EQ3
  • V-EQ4
  • Vitamin Sonic Enhancer
  • Vocal Rider
  • VU Meter

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