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Must-Have Dynamics for Mastering: No Phase Smearing or Coloration

You’ve spent countless hours crafting the perfect mix, and it’s time for multiband compression to add that final touch. Conventional multiband dynamics processors can’t avoid adding some coloration, but this artfully engineered, linear-phase design is always true to your sound.

Linear-phase, multiband compression is immune to smearing from phase issues, and processes transients with more focus and clarity—it’s the preferred processor for precision mastering.

  • 5 independent, fully parametric bands
  • Linear-phase crossovers prevent phase-based coloration
  • “De-masking” clarifies each band’s sound compared to other bands
  • Ideal for mastering, due to its faithful audio treatment
  • Attack and release for each band track dynamics optimally
  • Also does upward expansion and “focusing”-type EQ
  • Eliminates intermodulation among bands
  • Extras include automatic makeup gain, and adaptive threshold