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Waves JJP Vocals


Waves JJP Vocals

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The Only Multi-effect Dedicated to Vocal Feel

Created with Grammy®-winning producer/engineer Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, U2, Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones), JJP Vocals is an entirely different vocal processor. Instead of the usual effects, this unorthodox plugin lets you shape vocals in terms of Magic, Space, Attack, Attitude, and Presence.

The powerful parallel chains under the hood combine complex compression, vocal-optimized equalization, delay, and other effects. But all you need to do on the interface is adjust the 5 sliders—and shape your vocal intuitively with instant satisfaction.

“This is how I myself mix vocals. My approach is instinctive. I don’t think in terms of ‘which delay’ or ‘how to EQ it.’ I just care how it makes you feel. Each singer is unique, so there’s no single way to go about it. I do whatever it takes to make sure the vocal is open, sits well in the mix, and, most importantly, conveys the message of the song. JJP Vocals helps you get there.”
--Jack Joseph Puig

  • S5 parallel processors layer effects with the vocal track
  • Not just for music vocals, but podcasts, voiceover, audiobooks
  • 2 male/1 female voice options create a helpful starting point
  • Give power to rap vocals—boost initial consonants with Attack
  • Enhance articulation and clarity with the Presence slider
  • Add authority and power to vocals with the Attitude slider
  • Add a slapback-style ambience with the Space control
  • Subtly spotlight a vocal’s character with the Magic option
  • Tweak further de-esser, low and high EQs, and compression
  • Vary the blend of dry and processed sounds

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