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Professional Drum Production Made Easy

Grammy® winning producer/mixer Jack Joseph Puig (Rolling Stones, U2, John Mayer, Lady Gaga) knows that a good drum sound isn’t just a big kick and a snare that snaps. This innovative, advanced plugin optimizes snare, kick, and toms to create a commanding, pro-level drum sound for any mix.

With its streamlined interface and expertly chosen default settings, JJP Drums is all about dialing in focused, powerful drum sounds in seconds—whether for acoustic, sampled, or synthesized drums.

  • Designed by Grammy winner Jack Joseph Puig (John Mayer, U2)
  • Separate optimizations for top and bottom snare miking
  • Parallel processing enhances sounds while retaining character
  • Round, big, fat tom sounds with tom-friendly reverb
  • Process two kick sounds—close up, or a second, more distant mic
  • Increase kick sustain, and add subharmonic for extra depth
  • Use the gate to cut ringing, or for 80s-style gated drum sound effects
  • Ideal companion to JJP Cymbals and Percussion plugin
  • Kick processing is amazing for EDM and hip-hop kicks
  • 30 presets from JJP cover a wide variety of radio-ready sounds