Waves JJP Analog Legends Bundle

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Rare, Coveted EQ and Dynamics Processors

Jack Joseph Puig (U2, Green Day, Lady Gaga) is among the world’s elite of mixing engineers. Over time, he’s sought out the finest examples of the Fairchild 660/670 compressors and Pultec EQP-1A/MEQ-5 equalizers—then added them to his personal collection.

Now, thanks to Waves’ precision modeling, you have unlimited access to the most sought-after gear in audio history. Modeled with care from immaculately maintained units hand-picked by JJP, these plugins give your every nuance of the originals.

  • Created in close collaboration with Grammy® winner Jack Joseph Puig
  • Suitable for processing both masters and individual tracks
  • All plugins feature the unequaled sound of tubes and transformers
  • Models the same units used on countless hit records and streams
  • The standard set by these units remains unchallenged to this day
  • Includes a well-rounded collection of exquisite presets

The JJP Analog Legends Bundle Includes the following Plug-Ins:

  • PuigChild Compressor
  • PuigTec EQs

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