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Pro Mastering Tools: Precise. Surgical. Musical.

From the character of tubes and transformers used in hallowed vintage gear, to the clarity and performance that exists only in the digital domain, Grand Masters covers every facet of traditional mastering—and includes innovative options that let you add your own signature touch.

Whether you master hip or hop or modern country, classical string quartets, electronic music, or rock, Grand Masters enhances your masters—from subtle to surgical—with best-in-class sound quality that always sounds musical.

  • Ultra-transparent linear-phase EQ and multiband compression
  • V-series compressor and EQs for the best of vintage gear
  • Spot-on emulations of Pultec’s famed mastering processors
  • Includes Dorrough’s essential diagnostic metering
  • Multiple Maximizers for clarity, power and precise dynamic control
  • Shape low frequencies and center channel for mastering vinyl

15 Plugins Included