Waves DigiGrid M

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Waves DigiGrid M


Waves DigiGrid M

Musical. Powerful. Portable. The Audio Interface for Musicians

Perfect for use at home, in the studio, or in any musical environment, this compact unit is super-easy to use: just plug and play, with simultaneous monitoring and recording capabilities through mic/line and instrument/line inputs, complemented by a high-power headphone amp for playback.

With +48V phantom power, superb preamps, 96 kHz converters, and switchable high-pass filter, DigiGrid M is ideal for vocals—and SoundGrid compatibility gives endless expansion possibilities.

  • Designed for songwriters, musicians, and engineers
  • Just 9 cm³ (3.54-inch³) in a rugged, aluminum extrusion casing
  • 2 ins, 2 outs, +48V phantom power, high-pass filter, metering
  • 96 kHz recording and headphone monitoring
  • Connects via a single Ethernet cable (Cat 5e/Cat 6)
  • Analog control path for warm, high-quality sonic performance
  • Use standalone, or in larger, advanced DiGiGrid audio networks
  • Optional stand mount adapter for maximum placement flexibility
  • Includes twist-lock 12V DC supply, or use Power-over-Ethernet
  • Compatible with eMotion LV1, SuperRack, and SoundGrid Studio

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