Waves DiGiGrid DLI

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Waves DiGiGrid DLI


Waves DiGiGrid DLI

Upgrade Your Pro Tools Hardware with SoundGrid Networking

This is the ideal upgrade for Pro Tools hardware—the DiGiGrid DLI networking hub bridges Pro Tools systems with Waves SoundGrid real-time processing and networking. With two DigiLink ports delivering up to 64 ins and outs, and two distinct operational modes, DLI maximizes your current Pro Tools setup.

I/O mode offloads plugin processing to SoundGrid servers. SGP mode controls DigiLink-enabled I/Os, bridges DAWs with SoundGrid/ASIO/Core Audio, and also offloads plugin processing.

  • Enables using DigiLink-compliant I/O devices with any native DAW
  • Bridges Pro Tools HD/HDX and HD Native systems
  • Compatible with SuperRack, eMotion LV1, SoundGrid Studio
  • Connect SoundGrid components with a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable
  • Includes the complete SoundGrid Studio System software suite
  • Compliant with the SoundGrid Studio ASIO/Core Audio driver

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