Waves DeEsser

$ 99.00 -75%
$ 24.99

Remove or Reduce Harsh Vocal “S” Sounds Easily

Inspired by the vintage gear used for precision de-essing and high-frequency limiting, DeEsser tames “ess” and “shh” sounds. As recordings boost high frequencies for greater intelligibility with narration, audiobooks, vocals, and podcasts, de-essing is now more important than ever.

However, de-essing isn’t only about voice. DeEsser’s gentle de-essing action can reduce amp sim harshness, tame cymbals in drum loops, sweeten the sound of digital synthesizers, and more.

  • Preview what’s removed, to home in on ess and shh sounds
  • Fast, efficient user interface simplifies de-essing
  • Vary the range from 2kHz to 16 kHz to suppress high frequencies
  • Presets for male and female voice, as well as full mixes
  • Wideband or split modes focus the de-essing as needed
  • Choose bandpass or highpass filter for the sidechain