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Amplify Emotion with Motion

Brauer Motion takes panning into a new world of spherical motion that goes beyond conventional left/right panning. Now sounds can move within a mix, whether as a subtle, psycho-acoustic effect applied to pads and reverb, or extreme roller-coaster movement that spins and energizes.

Created with Grammy® winner Michael Brauer—who is famous for his use of space on mixes for Coldplay, Florence & the Machine, and John Mayer—this plugin is all about creative inspiration. It’s like no other tool in your toolkit.

  • Two linkable auto-panners, each with four different panning paths
  • Developed with Grammy-winning mix engineer Michael Brauer
  • Make any sound “dance” within the stereo field
  • Move sounds to the front, or further back in the stereo field
  • Shift percussive sounds subtly, to keep them from feeling static
  • Give motion and rhythm to pads, swells, and orchestral sections
  • Move background vocals off-center to make space for lead vocals
  • 5 triggering options, sync-to-tempo, and flexible modulation