Waves API Collection

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$ 68.99

The Musical Sound of API Dynamics and EQ

Half a century ago, API blazed a new trail in audio processing. The API 550A and 550B EQs prioritized musicality and transparency, while the API 560 elevated the graphic EQ to new tone-shaping heights. Pure and sweet, these EQs set new design standards.

But EQ wasn’t all: the API 2500 Compressor’s versatile tone and punch remain highly coveted. API was ahead of its time—and today, the API Collection is here for a new generation of producers.

  • Developed in close collaboration with API
  • Faithfully recreates the pristine, sweetly musical “API sound”
  • 550’s proportional-Q curves add clarity, with minimal coloration
  • Shape tone quickly and easily with the 560 Graphic EQ
  • 2500 includes two compression types, vintage and modern
  • 2500’s Thrust mode excels for hip hop and dance/club sounds
  • The go-to choice for tone shaping during mastering
  • Presets by Grammy winners for both mixing and mastering

3 Plugins Included

  • API 2500
  • API 550
  • API 560


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