Waves API 2500

$ 299.00 -90%
$ 29.99

Excellent on Everything. Glorious on Drums, Bass, and Your Stereo Bus.

In studios around the world, the API 2500 has earned a reputation for always being able to deliver the right solution for virtually any compression need. Based on precise, accurate VCA-type technology, the API 2500 is all about choice—including compressor topologies, punch, and tone.

A modern classic, the API 2500 has now been discovered by a new generation of modern producers in hip hop, pop/R&B, dance, and rock, who treasure the punchy vibe that brings drums and grooves to life.

  • Modeled in close collaboration with API
  • Official emulation of the famed API bus compressor
  • Shape gut-punching bass with API’s proprietary Thrust option
  • Glue your groups, especially drum buses, or your entire stereo mix
  • Added Mix control for easy parallel compression
  • Choose vintage feedback or modern feedforward design
  • Fixed or variable release time, up to 3 seconds
  • 3 optimized knee curves—clamp down hard, or compress gently
  • Shape energy with variable L/R linking, from 50% to 100%
  • 7 attack options, from super-fast 0.03 ms up to 30 ms
  • Additional infinity:1 ratio provides limiting as well as compression
  • Tie the stereo linkage to frequency ranges