Waves Abbey Road Studio 3

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Waves Abbey Road Studio 3


Waves Abbey Road Studio 3

Check Your Mixes in Abbey Road’s Studio 3 Control Room

Abbey Road has set a standard of excellence for decades, and mixing there is an experience only a few can have—until now. Thanks to advanced 3D acoustics modeling, just put on headphones, and you’ll be transported to mixing stereo or surround projects in a truly historic control room.

Waves has modeled every sonic nuance of this premier mixing space—and with correction EQ curves for 270 headphone models, now you can mix with realism you have to hear to believe

  • Provides the sound and feel of sitting in front of studio monitors
  • Created in close collaboration with Abbey Road Studios
  • EQ correction curves flatten response for 270 headphones
  • Choose from classic near, mid, or far monitors
  • You’ll know that your headphone mixes will translate over speakers
  • Having a common acoustic space is optimal for team projects
  • The neutral, accurate sound is ideal for all types of productions
  • Optional head tracking for hyper-realistic, immersive mixing

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