Waves Abbey Road Collection

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Waves Abbey Road Collection


Waves Abbey Road Collection

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Bring Abbey Road’s Legendary Sound to Your Productions

Since stereo was patented at Abbey Road in 1933, Abbey Road Studios have introduced multiple innovations in recording technology and defined the art of music production.

The studios’ impressive history includes celebrated work by The Beatles, Frank Ocean, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, Oasis, Sam Smith, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and countless more, as well as scores to films from Star Wars movies and Raiders of the Lost Arc to The Lord of the Rings, Black Panther, Tar, and Avengers: Endgame.

The Abbey Road Collection faithfully recreates the studio’s legendary raw signal path—tape, preamps, consoles, compressors, vocal effects, reverbs, saturation, microphones, all the way to the studios’ vinyl cutting gear and complete mastering chain.

Developed with Abbey Road Studios, with painstaking attention to detail and accuracy, this outstanding collection isn’t a just a tribute to musical history—it brings unique sonic edge to today’s productions.

  • Created closely with Abbey Road Studios for full authenticity
  • Precise modeling of ultra-rare gear not available anywhere else
  • Mix with the J37 tape machine used on the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s
  • Master with Abbey Road’s complete mastering chain
  • Experience the vintage console used on The Dark Side of the Moon
  • Wrap your vocals in the ambience of classic reverb chambers & plates
  • Add rare compression, saturation, and vocal doubling effects
  • Capture the warm sound of vinyl production and playback

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